Oiled Swimsuit Babe Oiled Swimsuit Babe

It's pool time with Mahogany Masters, so bring your duck float and swimmin' trunks. Mahogany's got a new pink bikini to show off, and by a miracle of textile engineering, the top doesn't rip from the weight of her now-famous breasts.

What's a pool party with a bikini babe without a bottle of oil? Mahogany is a generous oil consumer, and she needs to be to completely douse her huge hangers and juicy buns once she tosses her bikini to the wind. "As you can see, I enjoy a lot of breast play and I love clitoral stimulation," Mahogany said.

"I don't need to emphasize my breasts with clothing but I definitely don't hide them. I have a 42K bust that's a little difficult to hide, no matter what."

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