Cheryl Blossom Time Cheryl Blossom Time

"I feel more comfortable when I wear a bra, so it's always on me, but I prefer to sleep without it," young Cheryl Blossom said. "Sometimes, if I lie in bed all day long, then I don't wear a bra. My size is about a J-cup right now, although sometimes they get bigger. My chest is always becoming bigger. It's been like that all my life."

Like many Russian, Ukrainian and eastern European models, Cheryl has no tattoos or piercings. Notes Voluptuous editor Dave, "Cheryl has a sweet voice and a playful innocence about her."

Cheryl is shy when it comes to talking about sex. "There are some things I hesitate to talk about. Masturbation is one of them. I'm very embarrassed to discuss it. I do like more sensual, rough sex. Tenderness should also be there but for me passion is more important. I'm not a supporter of casual sex. Therefore, I only have sex with a man with whom I am in a relationship. Sometimes I don't have sex for six months or more."

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