How To Stiffen Nipples How To Stiffen Nipples

The effects of an ice cube on a slippery nipple is one of the great marvels of science. Here to demonstrate the power of frozen water on a pink, soft breast tip is everyone's fave Natalie Fiore. Always a welcome guest, Natalie can keep a man in a state of "breastnosis" for as long as she wishes. "I love to be the center of attention," Natalie's said. "I love when men stare at me. Being sexy is in your attitude. The way you move and act. It's all in your mind and if you feel sexy, you are sexy." Among the comments about Natalie. "I love her sexual energy! 1000% woman and beautiful!" "Natalie Fiore is magnificent. In my opinion, she is the SCORE and Voluptuous Model of the Year." "She is absolutely perfect and her H-cups are nothing short of awesome!" It was a lucky day when Natalie emailed SCORE.

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