A Girl Named Sigal A Girl Named Sigal

Sigal Acon has tremendous charm and camera presence. A make-up artist and model, she was noticed on MyFreeCams (and who could not notice Sigal?). Sigal has the kind of stacked and slim figure with natural, very big tits and a beautiful face that stops traffic.

"I work out from time to time," Sigal said. "I love nice food so I have to keep myself in shape."

Sigal mentioned a few of her favorite things. Seeing other countries is one of them. "I love travel. I want to travel all around the world. I've done it before but only to some countries on my list."

Sigal is a traditionalist when it comes to dating. "A beautiful view, a perfect restaurant, flowers, champagne, presents."

Sigal debuts in SCORE magazine Vol. 28 No. 5. This issue also features the debut of Katy Ann and Casca Akashova.

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