Cowgirl Christy Cowgirl Christy

It seemed natural that a girl with the sexual heat of a dozen girls wrapped into one body would say that her favorite position is the piledriver. (The girl is on the floor with her legs in the air and spread as wide as she can. The guy is hovering over her.)

We usually ask a girl if she has any personal fetishes. Very few are as detailed as Christy who loves big cocks ("JMac is the best fuck ever," Christy gushed. "I was cumming so hard I kept forgetting to look at the camera!")

"Sometimes, I like pregnant girls. Sometimes. It is on a rare occasion. I mean, I've never played with one or anything, but they are cute to look at. I'll check out preggo sites sometimes. They have this certain glow about them that is so cute. I like big dicks, too.

"I love Lesbians. I don't know if that's a fetish. Truthfully, I watch a lot of porn at home, but it's all Lesbian porn. I don't watch regular porn. Lesbian porn is my favorite. It gets me off. Oh, and I like being submissive. So like, anything like that. Where it's not forcing it, but someone else is in control."

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