Tigerr Wants Wood Tigerr Wants Wood

Tigerr Benson loves wood, the harder and bigger the better. She's more than a magazine covergirl and a hot porn star. Matt's got a real Tigerr on his hands in this boff date.

Tigerr is living the life, one that revolves around sex. She even has her own female apprentice she is teaching the ropes to. You see, Tigerr is into being tied up and fucked.

The winner of Tigerr's bra, from a SCORE magazine contest, wrote, "Dear Tigerr, I'm entering your contest because I love big-breasted Asian women and you, my dear, are one of the most-beautiful. I would love to win your bra. I'd sleep with it under my pillow and dream of your big, beautiful breasts. I'd love to make wild love to you and those lovely beauties. I'd like SCORE to do a pictorial of you, Minka and Hitomi, three of the most-beautiful big-titted Asian women in the world. I call you Flowers of the Orient. Your beauty and body are every man's dream."

Tigerr checks out her SCORELAND scenes and often posts comments, sometimes answering questions.

TSG editor Dave wrote, "British beauty Tigerr Benson is one of the greatest fuck stars in the world, but don't forget that she brings an HH-cup rack to The Big Show, too."

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