Christy Marks: A Good Hand With Long, Hard Objects Christy Marks: A Good Hand With Long, Hard Objects

"My boobs like to do things that normal boobs don't do," Christy told us when we first got to know her.

"Because they're so big and out of control. Like when I lay on my back, one goes one way and one goes the other way, so if you were to look at me from like a 360 point of view, it would look like I was a fish or a chameleon with one eye pointing one way and one eye pointing the other way, and to me, that's not completely normal.

"And they flop around all the time, especially if I don't wear a bra and sometimes even when I do. And because they make it hard for me to find bras that fit, and because I get looked at all the time.

"I've always known that a lot of guys out there like big boobs, but there's something about the way SCORE treats the models with respect, almost worships them, that I really like. I mean, I know it's my boobs that got me here, but it's like you respect the whole woman."

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